Sunday, 7 August 2011

Just checking in

I've been quiet for a bit as things are difficult with the day job right now. But I'm still doing things in the background!

I've made a start on Christmas things, making some decorations for my tree and if they turn out well I will put them in my shop.  So far I've made a christmas pudding and a robin, I'm also thinking of doing a christmas tree, snowflakes and a stocking garland.

In other exciting news I made my first sale on Etsy. Wierdly I sold a thing that I really didn't think would sell. But it was still exciting to package it all up and post it. I hope its new owner loves it.

I've been thinking about packaging too and reading other people's blogs about it. I found a couple of really good sites that sell boxes, including one that sells boxes specially designed to fit into the large letter category.